New Ready-Made Meals Delivered

Choose a selection of our refrigerated signature dishes and sauces, and we will deliver them free of charge, ready to be heated and enjoyed at home. We deliver on a Wednesday and Saturday. The minimum order is £40.


Aunt Esi Curry with Chickpeas, Cauliflower and Spinach

Mild and Creamy Caribbean curry with chickpeas, cauliflower, coconut and spinach mopped up with homemade moroccan ‘ghife’ bread.
Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free on request, please specify in notes at checkout.


Buddha Bowl

A selection of our most popular mezze dishes – aubergine zaalock, sauteed spinach, curried chickpeas, spiced sweet potato & Caramelised onions, with steamed tumeric quinoa & pumpkin seeds.


Dynamite Shrimp

Tempura battered vegan shrimp brought to life with sea kelp and swimming in a delicious sriracha aioli – shrimply the best!
Dairy-Free. Contains Gluten.


Jackfruit Nuggets

Sticky battered jackfruit tossed in smoky jerk BBQ sauce.


Jackfruit Shwarma

Marinated pulled jackfruit, roasted with onions, peppers and served with pickles, garlic and chili sauce on Moroccan ghife bread. Completed with a portion of harissa potatoes.
Dairy-Free. Gluten-Free on request, please specify in notes at checkout.


Moroccan Ghife Bread

Traditional Moroccan bread.


Seasonable Vegetable Tagine

This is grandma’s secret recipe – a fragrantly flavoured, traditional Moroccan tagine, filled with warming spices and seasonal vegetables. This vibrant meal is nourishing and wholesome and will take your taste buds straight to the souks of Marrakech!  Served with gluten-free turmeric quinoa and Moroccan Ghife bread.
Dairy-Free. Gluten-Free on request, please specify in notes at checkout.


Spiced Island Curry

A mild, fragrant curry with sweet potato, red lentils, coconut milk and spinach, Enjoy with red pepper festive. Reminisce to balmy days under the palm trees and stars!
Dairy and Gluten-Free.


Vegan Spelt Patties

Homemade using spelt flour, stuffed with curried pulses and vegetables.



Traditional Moroccan dish, smoked aubergine with slowly cooked with fresh tomatoes, warming spices and coriander.



Morocco’s mild citrusy chili sauce. Homemade from our grandmother’s recipe featuring virgin olive oil, chilies, and preserved lemon.
Gluten-Free on request, please specify in notes at checkout.


Hummus Trio

Our three signature Hummus dips with Moroccan Ghife bread for dipping. Hot pink spicy beetroot with a red chilli punch. Tumeric Gold with anti-inflammatory turmeric activated with black pepper. Beiruty with finely chopped tomatoes, onion, a hint of chilli and parsley.
Gluten-Free on request, please specify in notes at checkout.


Jerk Mayo

Our homemade spicy vegan jerk mayo.  There is not much this doesn’t go with! Delicious with burgers, fries, nuggets, sandwiches, salads – let us know how you have yours!
Dairy and Gluten-Free.


Toum Garlic Aioli

A homemade Lebanese garlic sauce, amazing with shwarma, burgers, veggies, salads, and a great vegan replacement for garlic mayonnaise.
Dairy and Gluten-Free.


Dynamite Sauce

Our homemade creamy, sriracha sauce. Completely delicious and totally vegan. A versatile addition to your meal which is burgers, chips, nuggets, tempura and even as a salad dressing.
Dairy and Gluten-Free.

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